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    Welcome to 5AD Online!

    This is a virtual site for and about the members of the 5th Armored Division Association. It is designed to chronicle the heroic exploits of the men and the organization known as the "Victory Division". It also offers resources for contemporary problems and topics. A 21st century medium for a 21st century America.

    On this site you will find information about the 5th Armored Division, Units of the 5th, Unit Histories, After Action Reports, and links to sites of interest. The Lost and Found department just might have something you're looking for... or someone looking for you. You might be interested in the email addresses of members of the 5th Armored Division Association or learn how to join it. Whatever you are looking for, if it's about that wonderful organization known as the 5th Armored Division, chances are you can find it here. So kick your boots off, take a load off, and share a few minutes with us.

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    The Victory Division News

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     On This Site
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