After Action January 1945

January 1945


============================================================================================ January 1945 HEADQUARTERS 5TH ARMORED DIVISION
APO No 255
U.S. Army
6 February 1945

Auth: CG 5th Armd Div 319,1 GNNJG

1. CAMPAIGN: Western Europe


a. Personnel:

Personnel Officers Enlisted Men Total
Killed In Action 0 2 2
Seriously Wounded In Action 0 5 5
Lightly Wounded In Action 1 17 18
Seriously Injured In Action 0 0 0
Lightly Injured In Action 1 8 9
Missing In Action 0 0 0
Total 2 32 34

b. Vehicular
Type Destroyed or Abandoned Evacuated Carrier
Truck 1/2 Ton 4X4 8
Truck, 3/4-ton, 4x4, WC w/winch 1
Truck, 2 1/2-ton, 6x6, Cargo w/o winch 1
Trailer, 1 Ton, 2 Wheel Cargo 1
Vehicle, Tank Recovery M32 1
Total 12


Type Expended Loss Due to Enemy Action
Carbine, Cal, .30 15725
Cal, 30 76668
Cal, 45 9325
Cal, 50 93562
60mm 537
81mm 90
37mm 1866
57mm 88
75mm Gun 909
76mm Howitzer 150
76mm Gun 717
105mm Howitzer 517
Smoke Pots 4
Rockets, AT 202
Grenade, rifle 28
Grenades, hand 146
Total Tonnage 56.75

4. During the month or January 1945 units of the Division were commanded by the following named officers:

Hq, Combat Comd “A”, 5th Armd Div - BRIG GEN EUGENE A REGNIER, 08295,USA
Hq, Co, Combat Comd "B”, 5th Armd Div - CAPT KARL W ROTH, 01010340, INF
Hq, Combat Comd "B", 5th Armd Div - COL JOHN T COLE, 05256, CAV
Hq Co, Combat Comd "B", 5th Armd Div - CAPT JOE W PERRY, 01012397, FA
Hq, Div Arty, 5th Armd Div - COL DOUGLAS J PACE, 04495, FA
Hq Btrg, Div Arty, 5th Armd Div - CAPT NORMAN W CUSICK, 0466787, FA
Reserve Command, 5th Armd Div - COL GLEN W ANDERSON, 38672, INF
Hq Co, 5th Armd Div - CAPT LARRY H GREENWOOD, 01283065, INF
Hq 5th Armd Div Tns - LT COL KARL L SCHERER, 018784, CAV
Hq Co 5th Armd Div Tns- CAPT JAMES BAGWELL, 01011081 CAV
MP Platoon, 5th Armd Div - MAJ ALEXANDER T NELSEN, 0335298 CAV
145th Sig Co - CAPT GLENN B WELDE, 04534467 SG
85th Cav Rcn Sq Mecz; - MAJ GEORGE C BENJAMIN, 023422 CAV
10th Tank Bn - LT COL WILLIAM A HAMBERG, 0242156, INF

34th Tank Bn - LT COL WILLIAM L CABNISS, 0293176, INF (1-30 Jan 45)
LWA 30 Jan 45 Succeeded by MAJ. GLEN L FOOTE 0150438; CAV (31 Jan 45)

81st Tank Bn - LT COL LE ROY H ANDERSON, 0239452, INF
15th Armd Inf Bn - LT COL GLEN G DICKENSON, 0197385, CAV
46th Armd Inf Bn - MAJ WILLIAM H BURTON, 0366028, INF
47th Armd Inf Bn - LT COL HOWARD E BOYER, 0218680, INF
47th Armd FA Bn - LT COL JOHN B ROSENZWEIG, 0246291, FA
71st Armd FA Bn- LT COL ISRAEL B WASHBURN, 0235367, FA
95th Armd FA Bn - LT COL JAMES W MC NEER, 0223703, FA
22d Armd Engr Bn - LT COL FRED E RESSEGIEU, 020575, CE
127th Ord Maint Bn - MAJOR ROLAND S BIERSACH, 0318269, ORD
75th Med Bn, Armd - LT COL BENJAMIN H BADER, 0372570, MC
3907th QM Truck Co - CAPT CHARLES H DUDLFY, 01581668 QMC
3912th QM Truck Co - CAPT JOSEPH L ZIOLKOWSKI, 015739939 QMC
Det "A” Hq & Hq 3rd Armd Gp - MAJ RAY S TREAWELL, 0389764, INF
505th CIC Det, Hq European TO, U. S. Army -1ST LT THOMAS RYAN - 01017183 INF


The 5th Amored Division having been placed in Army Group Reserve in the late part of December, continued in that status, for the first 25 days of January. The Division was on a four (4) hour alert status during this entire period and all combat elements had reconnoitered routes of movement to support the V, XIII, XIX Corps, or British XII Corps.

Assembly areas were selected in each Corps vicinity and these were carefully checked for mines or other obstacles which would slow the division's action. Plans were further worked out for support of the XVIII airborne Corps from the present Division positions. Each assembly area was carfully maintained so as to provide an unerring movement thereto if division support was called for by any of the above mentioned Corps.

The division carried out maintenance and training programs and by the end or the first 25 days of January, new equipment and reinforcements brought the division to T/O and T/E strength.

On 20 January, Company A, 47th Armored Infantry Battalion, which had been attached to the 9th Infantry Division returned to division control and joined the 47th Armored Infantry Battalion in the CCR area. Thus, 20 January 1945, marked the first day since 2 August 1944 that some elements of the division was not in either direct or indirect action against the enemy.

On 25 January, Troop "C" 85th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, was relieved from attachment to CCR and reverted to Squadron control.

On 26 January the division was alerted for movement to the XIX Corps sector (NINTH US ARMY) and a warning order followed, stating that one (1) combat command of the division would be attached to the 78th Infantry Division for operations of the latter in the KCNZEN area. The Division was to be attached to XIX Corps but with a stipulation that not more than the one (1) combat command would be used without Army approval. Combat Command "A" was attached to the 78th Infantry Division.

On 27 January, the Division was relieved from assignment to First US Army, assigned to the Ninth Army, and attached to the XIX Corps. CCA moved to the vicinity of RAEREN and closed in its area at 1415. The combat command was immediately attached to the 78th Infantry Division. The 628 Tank Destroyer Battalion was relieved from First Army and assigned Ninth Army; attached to 5th Armored Division. CCR moved by infiltration to WALHORN.

The Division continued its move into the Ninth U S Army area on 28 January, CCB moved to the vicinity of HERGENRATH. The 85th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron moved to BLFPBERG, and the Division CP moved to MORESNET. All moves were accomplished without incident. Plans were made for the movement of the Division Trains on 29 January. Troop "A" 85th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, was attached to CCA , 28 January.

During the period 29 January thru 31 January, the Division, less CCB remained in place, training for future operations.

Effective 29 January, 1945, the Division (-CCA) was relieved from attachment to the XIX Corps and attached to the XVI Corps.

On 29 January, the Division Trains moved from the First U S Army area to AACHEN with the Division Administration Center joining the Division CP at MORESNET.

CCA, attached to the 78th Infantry Division, attacked at 0815, 30 January in the direction of EICHERSCHEID. The town itself, plus the high ground to the South and East of it, composed the objective of the combat command. Extensive minefields were encountered initially which slowed the advance to some degree, but CCB pushed on steadily and at 1600, its advance elements were in EICHERSCHEID. Resistance was quickly reduced within the town and at 1800 it was reported that the town was clear and the high ground to the East, South and Southeast had been outposted.

The Commanding Officer of the 34th Tank Battalion was wounded by shell fire in completing the mission and was evacuated.

CCA held its positions throughout 31 January, and mopped up scattered enemy resistance in its sector. As the month ended elements of the 78th Division were relieving the combat command in its sector and CCA began moving its units back to its assembly area in the vicinity of RAEREN during the night 31 January-1 February.

The entire operation of CCA was made against light enemy forces and the majority of resistance came from artillery and mortar fire, and as previously stated, extensive minefields were encountered throughout. Enemy casualties for the entire two (2) day operation were as follows:


captured, one hundred twenty four (124),
killed, twenty five (25) estimated,

material captured and destroyed;

four (4) 88mm anti-tankguns,
three (3) 120mm mortars,
one (1) 105mm field howitzer


Section 1: - Personnel Matters

Reinforcements received in January were, in general, very satisfactory and totalled 923, primarily enlisted men. Receipt of basic infantry rifle men again reflected the difficulty of obtaining armor-trained infantrymen.

Officer shortage in combat arms was alleviated to a small degree by battlefield appointment, of a limited number or NCOs as second lieutenants.

Cavalry reinforcements, as before, were unobtainable during January and the situation was relieved to some extent by conversion within the Division of infantry-trained reinforcements to cavalry where MOS's were adaptable to cavalry needs

RTD's received this month were numerous enough to more than offset the normal daily non-battle losses, 45% of the total reinforcements received being in this category.

Section II - Photo Intelligence

In furtherance of efforts to increase efficiency in the location of enemy mortars, the 14's artillery observation planes of the division, are being equipped with K2) Air Corps Cameras. The photo Interpreter’s vehicle has been rebuilt for developing purposes and through recent experimentation during Combat Command "A’s" attack on EICHERSCHEID, it has been found that pictures taken and delivered to the PI team can be developed and distributed to units in less than two hours time. The pictures have been excellent and though, so far, no actual shots have been taken of enemy mortar positions it is felt that this method will greatly assist in the location and eventual neutralization of the enemy’s mortars. This method of photography is of a decided advantage over normal Air Photos, due to the frequency with which the enemy changes his mortar positions.

Due to the limited action of the Division during the month of January, it is believed that, in general, any remarks made would be a repetition of previous months’ comments. However, too much emphasis cannot be given to training during periods when units are in reserve. All units of the Division carried out training programs during January, and the value resulting therefrom, especially as pertains to reinforcements was inestimable. It was found possible to complete an appreciable amount of practice firing of both small arms and large caliber weapons on improvised ranges. This firing coupled with small unit problems maintained the fighting efficiency of the unit and helped to assimilate new joiners.

Section IV - Supply and Maintenance matters

a. During the month of January no serious problems in Supply and Maintenance confronted the Division. As there was very limited action during the entire month, all echelons of supply and maintenance in the division were afforded, and took good advantage of, opportunities to bring their units up to T/E allowance and to perform necessary maintenance.

For the Commanding General:

Colonel, G. S. C.,
Chief of staff

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