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552 Ordinance
Tec 5. Jack Alexander
Liberation of Beynes, France
T/Sgt. Wm. J. Beckley - 71st AFA
Tec. 5 Charles C. Bemis
Captain Black
George Dwight Drumm
Relatives of Tec5 Wallace Ecklund
Frank Exenkemper
Pvt. Sol Geffner
Sgt. Louis A. Gianasi 15th AIB
John Edward Graham III
Bill Hammonds
Pvt. Thomas Hart
S/Sgt. Dudley Hendricks
Corporal Chester W. Horning
Pfc. Frank M. Horton
Mess Sgt. Roland A. "Skip" Houle
Ralph Jines
James Melvin Kellie
Joseph Kowalski
Lt. Charles D. Lemons
Frank Martin
S/Sgt. George Nahat
Arthur Nicholas
Charles O'Neil
Wilbert Phillips
Staff Sergeant Victor R. Quranta
Cade Reno
Sergeant Romich
T5 Ernest Sanderson
Paul Schneider
Private Benjamin Stein
Swedes in the 5AD
John W. Whalen
Who, Me Book
Merritt Worley
Roy Zimmerman
Identify Pictures
Research for Book on the 5th in Gifhorn area of Germany

IN SEARCH OF: 552nd Ordinance

"My father was in Heavy Recovery Section of this unit serving on Wreckers and M25 Tank
Transporters throughout Europe from Normandy to Frankfurt. I have had no luck locating records
on this unit either from Nat’l Archives, or US Army Military History Institute. I have been told
I could get all the records I want about the 551st and the 553rd, but for some unknown reason
the records for the 552nd are not there. Most of the information I have compiled thus far has
been from the Internet or fellow veterans that served with my father. All have been very glad to
hear from me, but most could offer little or no more information than I already have. I have
an album full of pictures he took in Texas and on the Battlefields of Europe, but it’s hard to
know what you are looking at when very few of the pictures are marked.
This outfit was not part of a higher echelon unit, but operated mostly by itself. They were
however attached to the127th Ordnance Battalion servicing 5th Armored for quite some time in
the area of the Falaise trap that was sprung on the Germans. From 2 Aug 44 to 11 Sep 44 they
moved from Carentan, Ducey, Vitre, Viages, Beaufay, Sees, Alencon, Treon, Villiers,
Villiers-le-Mahieu, Baron and finally Fontainbleau. I guess they were hard to keep track of
since they were such a small outfit."

If you have any information about the 552 Oridinance or the men who served,
please contact Thomas F. Dole, Jr. by
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IN SEARCH OF: James Melvin Kellie

I would like to know how to find information on my uncle who was killed in Luxemborg on Thanksgiving day I am told. He was in the 5th Armored Division. His name was James Melvin Kellie. If I can read his handwriting correctly his service No. was 37466567, ssn-is 500-22-2118. Any information about him would be appreciated.

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IN SEARCH OF: Merritt Worley

I am looking for any information on my Grandfather, Merritt Worley. He served with the 5th Armored from July 1944 Until the end of the war. He was in a different division at Omaha Beach, but there were so few survivors that they had to be transferred to new units. I am looking for anyone that may have served with him, or that may have any information. I do know that he attended a reunion in the late 80's, or early 90's. Mr. Worley was always very proud of having served in this division. I do have some pictures of Mr. Worley, and some of his fellow soldiers. If anyone is interested in seeing them, please let me know.
Thank you!
Jennifer Blake

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IN SEARCH OF: Liberation of Beynes, France

Hello, I do some research about the liberation of Beynes, near Paris, by the combat command reserve of the 5th armored division. Do you have documents on this subject or do you know someone who can help me ?


Fabrice Bourrée

Webmaster Note: Beynes is due west of Paris. It appears elements of the 5AD reserve liberated Beynes on or about 26, August and then turned north to St. Germain and to the confluence of the Seine and Oise Rivers on 28-29, August.

The 5AD would have bivouaced south of Mantes (north of Beynes) on 26 August and then pushed on to Paris. If anyone has information, they can contact Fabrice at:

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IN SEARCH OF: Paul Schneider

I'm searching for information on Paul Schneider. He was a medic with the 47th Armored Infantry, possibly B Company. He was wounded 25 November in a mine field along with at least one other soldier. He received a bronze star for his efforts that day. If you remember Paul or have any information, please

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IN SEARCH OF: Wilbert Phillips 2/18/01

Dear Mr. Stilley,Thank you very much for your attempts to help me obtain information on my grandfather'smilitary history. I will try to give you everything I know about him, but unfortunatelythere isn't much to tell since he died in 1960 when my father was only 12. His full name wasWilbert Phillips (no middle name), he was born 10-8-1908 and died 7-23-1960. He has amilitary gravestone and below his name it says "Tennessee", and then below that it says, "PFCENGINEERS. His registration number was 35661622. He was from Huntsville, Tennessee,Scott County, but he may have been living in Cincinnati, Ohio or just across the river in Kentuckyat the time of his induction.From the research I have done, I believe the first two digitsof his registration number would indicate he was in Ohio or Kentucky at the time, but that wouldonly be a guess. I have scowered what few items have been handed down to my dad andmyself. We have a unit history of the 5th Armored Division, and an old photograph of him atCamp Lee, Virginia.Other than that, there isn't much I know. While he was alive,apparently he didn't like to talk much about the war; consequently, very little got passeddown.  My grandmother has been dead for about 15 years, and they lived apart about ninemonths out of the year when they were married, so that potential avenue for information is nowgone. Oh, one story that may or may not help. My grandfather had very littleschooling, and when he would receive letters, apparently one of his officers (or perhaps it wasjust a buddy) would read his letters to him. The story goes that this man was killed in thewar and my dad--Brown Phillips--was named after him. I don't know if "Brown" was supposed tobe this soldier's first or last name (my guess would be a last name), but that's the story.I've inherited it as a middle name. Perhaps there are rolls of those killed within thedivision and perhaps even within the engineer battalions? Anyway, maybe that little storywill help. That is just about the sum total of my knowledge of my grandfather's World War IIexperiences. If there is any other information you need, please email me. Thank you somuch for your trouble. I really do appreciate it.
Shannon Phillips

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IN SEARCH OF: Cade Reno 3/10/01

I am seeking information from anyone who may have served with my uncle, Crpl. Cader (Cade) Coates Reno during WWII. He served with Troop C of the 85th Calvary Recon Squadron. My 88 year old mother, Cades sister, is interested in learning about his experience while in the European theater. Any information would be very much appreciated.
Thank you.
Terry Lawrence

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IN SEARCH OF: Sergeant Romich 3/11/01

In searching your site for the above I found my Father in law's name Andy Yurko mentioned as he was seriously wounded in the Hurtgen Forest on Dec 10th 1944. It described his unfortunate experience as he described it to me.A tree weakened by tree bursts from probably German 88 mm's caused it to fall and crush his spine which resulted in his being partially pralyzed the remainder of his life. He passed away at the Long Beach CA. VA Hospital on May 11, 1984. His injury did not prevent him from getting married on his return to the U.S. and having two daughters, the youngest of which I married. I spent time with the 7th Army of Occupation in Germany and so have some service background and a feeling for WW 2 history. I was a medic with the 120th Station Hospital and we were responsible for taking care of the 2nd A.D. stationed in Baumholder. I wonder if I could get some info on the other soldier wounded with Andy - a Sergeant Romich who is also mentioned. Any info or leads would be much appreciated. Needless to say I was quite amazed to find Andy's name on the site since he was only a private tho' there was a reference to the period in the book "A Dark and Bloody Ground" by Edward Miller. I have a picture of Andy on a Harley motorcycle identified as belonging to the 81st Tk. Bn holding a Model 28 Thompson if anyone is collecting pictures for the site. Thank you for your effort-it's quite a piece of work and I'm sure much appreciated by veterans and their families.
J.A. Gottlieb

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IN SEARCH OF: Charles O'Neil 3/30/01

I've been trying to research the history of my uncle's unit (10th Tk Bn, 5thAD) and came across your site. If you have or could direct me to anyonehaving info on Charles O'Neil, I would appreciate very much hearing fromthem. I know he was part of the 5th AD at Camp Cook, CA and was KIA March31, 1945 near Senden, Gr.

Jim Kolanek

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IN SEARCH OF: Arthur Nicholas 9/19/01

Charles Bleau is seeking information on the location of Arthur Nicholas. Arthur wasattached to the 71st AFA, 5AD during WWII. Arthur's last known address was Edgarton, WV.

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IN SEARCH OF: Corporal Chester W. Horning 12/02/02

I would like to know how to communicate with your Lost and Found site. I just recently found your web site, and am extremely interested in the ammount of information you have compiled. I am trying to find any information, pictures, or people my father served with in the 5th AD, 46 AIB, Co B. His name was Cpl. Chester W. Horning. He was with the 5th from day one, having been in Ft Knox, Pine Camp, all the way to Berlin. He was wounded on 21 December, 1944, and sent to Holland to recuperate. He left Holland and caught back up to his unit at some point in time, but I don't know much of this. A year ago, I was contacted by an organization in Heerleen, Holland, called Faceless Children. The outcome of this is, I have a brother in Holland. Apparently, my Dad wasn't wounded that bad. My brother has recently visited from Holland, and we have many questions. Maybe someone else from the 5th was there in Holland at that time. According to the book I have, The Victory Division in Europe, there were 18 men wounded on this day in December. Possibly, someone might still remember my Dad.

Frank Horning

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IN SEARCH OF: Joseph Kowalski 12/27/02

My name is Tpr. Scott Henry, and I am a Criminal Investigator with the Pennsylvania State Police/Troop 'F'-Montoursville Criminal Investigation Unit. I am writing your organization regarding assistance in locating any individual who may have served in the Fifth Armoured Division with Joseph (UMN) Kowalski.

The personal information that I have for Mr. Kowalski is as follows: W-N/M, DOB:05/18/18, Serial #33075215, and a resident of Coatsville, Pa. It is my understanding that Mr. Kowalski enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1941, was discharged in 1945, and served in the ETO from 02/04/44 to 10/06/45. In addition Mr. Kowalski passed away in 1998.

I am currently assisting in an extremely important investigation which occurred in 1999, and in which assistance is needed in identifying old photographs of Mr. Kowalski, to identify any service personnel who may have visited Mr. Kowalski in Coatsville, Pa. in the late 1940's or 1950's, etc.

I would appreciate your assistance in posting my request to the members of the Fifth Armoured Division. I can be reached a number of ways which consist of this e-mail address, tel.#(570)368-5700, or by mail: Pa. State Police-Montoursville, 899 Cherry St., Montoursville, Pa. 17754.

I thank you for your assistance.

Tpr. Scott Henry

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IN SEARCH OF: Captain Black 05/22/2003

Hi,I'm searching for a Captain Black, known have been with the 5th Armored Division at wars end in 1945.

Would you have any information as to what unit of the 5th he was either in command of or attached to? And, the names and contact information for him, family or other members of his unit?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Richard J. Kimmel

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IN SEARCH OF: Sergeant Victor R. Quaranta 05/28/2003

I am looking for anyone who might have known my Uncle Staff Sergeant Victor R. Quaranta, who was killed in Luxembourg on 9-11-44. He was in Co. C - 46th Armored Infantry.

Thank you, Karen

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IN SEARCH OF: Roland A. "Skip" Houle 7/19/2003

I am looking for any information on my father Roland A. "Skip" Houle. He was with the 71st A.F.A. with the 5th AD. He was a mess sgt. I have very little information and would like to know more about him. Please get in touch with me, I so much want to know something, anything about him.


Lori Banks

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IN SEARCH OF: Information on Lt. Charles D. Lemons

I recently found your site and I really enjoy it. My father was in the 5th. armored, 46th. inf. "C" co. His rank and name was Lt. Charles D. Lemons. He was with the 5th.armored all the way from the St. Lo break thru to the very end of the war when his outfit was in Tangermunde, Germany. He was in 5 major battles and was injured nov. 30th. 1944 in the Hurtgan forest and returned to active duty right before the Battle of the Bulge around Dec. 14-18 1944. I am looking for anyone who knew my dad, any info or stories would be greatly apprecited as we were working on writing down his war stories when his passed away on 6-9-03. I also have pictures of the 46th. inf. "C" co. and misc. pictures of those he served with, Cap. Claude Cason, Lt Bill Mackey, Lt. JR, Sgt. Thomas Baines, Company clerk Donald Gasdorf, ect....Thank You from the daughter of Charles D. Lemons, Betty "Lemons" Kaufman

You can contact me at kaufs1@aol.com

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IN SEARCH OF: Information on Pvt. Sol Geffner

I am trying to locate anyone who knew my dad, Sol Geffner, 5th AD, 47th AIB, Company C, Combat Command R who was killed in the Huertgen Forest battles on December 7, 1944 in Bergistein, Germany. He was born in N.Y.C., New York. He was buried in Henri Chapelle, Belgium on December 17, 1944. If you know of my dad or the actions of the 47th AIB, please email me at spilkia@comcast.net. Thank you so much.

You can view a picture of Pvt. Sol Geffner by
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Please contact Art by Clicking Here

Art can also be reached via telephone at (home) 410 - 964 - 3259 and (office) 410 - 965 - 5153

IN SEARCH OF: Information surrounding the death of Ralph Jines

Hello all. I'm 34 years old and my uncle Ralph Jines served in the 5th AD in WWII. He was in the 34th Tank Battalion. He was KIA in August of 1944 but the details of his death are not certain. Any info on my uncle would be appreciated. My mom would especially be pleased with any info on him. My email is jsncrs@charter.net Or if somebody could direct me in the right direction to get more info would be great. Thank you.

Jason Robertson

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IN SEARCH OF: Information on John Edward Graham III

Hello, my name is Ethan Kincaid my Grandfather was a soldier in the AD. His name was John Edward Graham 3rd,from what i understand he was a machine gunner on a halftrack.Unfourtunally he died in 1996 .As a kid he told me stories about the war , I loved listening to his stories and he was my hero it sounds corny i know.I was hoping that by sending this i could find someone or something knowing about his experences.I know he fought in the Hurtgen forest, he had a buddy named Arliegh Branvoled nicknamed the owl I think. My Grandfathers nickname was the Kid. He lived in Providence, Rhode Island. My Grandfather never told me any specific dates, that I can remember. I know its not a lot to go on, and if nothing can be found I will always have those stories he told me. I thank you very much for your time regardless of the results. My e-mail addresses is EKIN454@AOL.COM.


Ethan Kincaid

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IN SEARCH OF: Information on Roy E. Zimmerman

My father, PFC. Roy E. Zimmerman, served in the 5AD during WWII and I would appreciate it very much if you would post this letter on your Lost & Found site. I would like to correspond with someone who knew him back then. He was close friends with a Julius Csackeney (not real sure of last name spelling) and a Johnny Major, both members of 5AD.(these two gentleman along with my father are now deceased) Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Rickey E. Zimmerman

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IN SEARCH OF: Information on Bill Hammonds

I am searching for any information related to the photo that appears on the
47th AIB Page.
It is a photo of five members of the 47th AIB Headquarters Company. My father, Bill Hammonds, is second from the right.
Unfortunately, I do not know the names of the other men in the photo. If anyone knows their identity or has information
related to them, please contact me.

Thank You,

Edward Hammond

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IN SEARCH OF: Frank Martin; 34 Tank

I would like to make contact with anyone who knew my Uncle who was in the 5th Armored Division, 34th Tank Battalion. His name was Frank Martin. Even the smallest bit of information about him would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Ginger Bolton

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IN SEARCH OF: S/SGT George Nahat; 81 Tank - "A" Co.

Don Nahat is searching for information on his uncle, S/Sgt George Nahat. S/Sgt Nahat joined the 81st on 20 Sep., 1943 andwas wounded in December, 1944. If you have any information on S/Sgt. Nahat.

Please contact his nephew Don Nahat by
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IN SEARCH OF: Information on Tec. 5 Charles C. Bemis; 47 AIB, Co. "B" (10/3/2007)

I am hoping to find some information on my Great Uncle Charles Clayton Bemis who served in the 47th AIB Co. B. His military # was 31005318. He was from Massachusetts and died in 1944 (Webmaster Note: KIA 24 Sep., 1944 at Mettendorf). I have a few photos and letters from him, but don't know much more about him and would like to get more info... either records on him or perhaps finding people who knew him. I was named after him. Thanks so much for your help.

Please contact his nephew Clayton Bemis by
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IN SEARCH OF: Information on Pfc. Frank M. Horton; Troop "A", 85th Recon Sq. (10/23/2007)

I am looking for anyone who served with Pfc. Frank M. Horton, Troop A, 85th Recon Sq. Please contact Michael Horton, by
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IN SEARCH OF: Swedes in the 5AD. 1/16/2008

I will send a free book to anyone who can provide more information/photos about two Swedes that served with the 5AD. One of them I have no name for but he joined in a very remarkable way in November 1944 around Aachen by escaping from German imprisonment and joining the 5AD on the battlefield. He was allowed to be an interpreter on recon missions but also got to fire weapons. At the time he was just 14! The other Swede was PFC Eric R. LEANDER, 36324211, who served in the 47th Armd Inf Bn. He was KIA near Bergstein, Germany on Dec 6, 1944 and then buried in his home country, Sweden.

Please respond about these brave men to me by
Clicking Here.

IN SEARCH OF: Who, Me? Book 3/27/2008

I am the daughter of Richard F. Kahn, the author of "Who, Me?", the book about the 5th AD. The book in posted on the 5th AD site. The book was written and published in Germany at the end of the war. I am told there were two type of copies printed in Germany. A blue one with onion skin page dividers for officers and a green one with no page dividers, for the enlisted men. Even though my father was an officer, I have a copy he gave to my mother, one of the green ones.

I am looking for anyone one who has a copy or copies of the original books and/or any information about the books.

Best regards,

Dickie Kahn Davis

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IN SEARCH OF: Frank Exenkemper 3/28/2008

I am looking for information about my Grandfather Frank Exenkemper from Ohio, after the war moved to Michigan and to Florida about 1956. His son, my father William, past away last year not knowing much about his father's years away at War not even which unit he served with because he was born while serving. However, we do know he received a Bronze Star and I recently acquired the only military picture of him in uniform with a 5th Armored Division patch. If you served with him any information would be helpful since records have been destroyed in the St.Louis Military records office.I did find pictures of my grandmother Juanita which I believed he carried with him during the war, with names of North Africa and Italy dating only months. He served from 1943 thru 1945.

Teresa (Exenkemper) Ray

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IN SEARCH OF: Tec 5 Jack Alexander 7/15/2008

Searching for information on my uncle T5 Jack Alexander who died and is buried in an American Cementery in France. I have only a couple of pictures of him from that time period. He was 1 of 5 brothers that Served this Great Country during WW2. All are gone now including my father the youngest of the brothers. I have the Western Union letter asking my grandfather if he wanted his body returned, I remember my father saying that my grandfather said his son was already buried and to let him rest in peace. Any info is greatly appreciated by my family and me.

Gregg Alexander

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IN SEARCH OF: George Dwight Drumm 10/1/2008

Searching for information on my uncle who was wounded in the Hurtgen Forest on 11 Dec. 1944, he was transferred between hospitals till he was discharged on 13 Nov. 1945 at Fort Sheridan, IL. To what I can tell is the 204th SIG DEP CO , I don’t think he was signal , maybe a mechanic ? But his DD214 says he is authorized the Combat Infantry Badge and he also had the Expert Infantry Badge. To what my father told me he was a half-track driver for part of his tour. I am trying to find out more information on him, by following his ledger it seems all his dates of where and when except the actual landing on Omaha Beach on 29 July 1944 coincide with the 5th AD. It says he supported the 102nd Cav on 11 Oct. 1944.

If anyone knew him or knows of him, his name was George Dwight Drumm service number – 16062008 from Mi.

Roger Drumm

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IN SEARCH OF: John W. Whalen 6/8/2009

My father, John W. Whalen, passed away in 2000. I believe he served with the 5th AD, 47th Armored Infantry Battalion, Company A or B. I believe he was wounded in September of 1944 and evacuated to a hospital in London. He eventually recovered and was on a boat to invade Japan on VJ day. He spoke little of the war. I believe many of the original members of his unit were KIA. I am sketchy about any details and will be most appreciative to hear from anyone that knew him and/or served with him.

John W. Whalen, Jr.

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IN SEARCH OF: T/Sgt William J. Beckley and Info on the 71st AFA 8/12/2009

My father was in the 71st AFABn. HQ & HQ Battery Communications Section from Mar. 1941 to Oct. 1945. I have partial & incomplete information about his service details. I am interested in any & all information on the 71st AFABn. Ideally, any info related to HQ Battery would be greatly appreciated, but I still want to find out everything I can about the 71st.

Thank you,

Gary Beckley

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IN SEARCH OF: PVT Thomas C Hart - DOW 6, Sep. 1944, 1/4/2010

Looking for info on Pvt Thomas Coleman Hart Sr . World War 2 died from wound in France Sept.6th,1944 .He was in 47th armd inf bn . [Webmaster's Note: Pvt. Hart was a member of Company "B"]

Thank you,

Lind Weaver

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IN SEARCH OF: Relatives of Tec5 Wallace B. Ecklund - KIA 22 AUGUST, 1944, 11/8/2010

I am looking for information on any relatives that Wallace B. Ecklund had. He was killed in Action. Thank You.

[Webmaster's Note: Tec5 Ecklund was a member of the 34th Tank Battalion and was killed in France.]

Please contact Jean Anderson by
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IN SEARCH OF: Information on Sgt. Louis A. Gianasi - 15th AIB - 11/16/2010

Looking for any information on my uncle, Sgt Louis A. Gianasi, who served in the 15th Armored Infantry Battalion from standup until the end of the war.

Please contact Maj. Roger Reece, ret. by
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IN SEARCH OF: Information on Private Benjamin Stein - 3/11/2011

Hello, my name is Justin. I am 17 and collect items from the 5th armored division. I have a WWII Ike Jacket named to a private Benjamin Stein serial number 32241060. He was born 1916 and resided in the Bronx, New York. The Jacket has a purple heart ribbon.

According to the National Archives he enlisted at Ft Dix, Ney Jersey on February 24th 1942.

I would appreciate any more info on his WWII service or pictures of this brave soldier.

Please contact Justin Verhey by
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IN SEARCH OF: Information on T5 Ernest Sanderson - 3/31/2011

I am seeking any available info on my uncle, Ernest B. Sanderson. His rank was Tech 5, SN 38146837, and he was a mechanic in the 85th Cavalry Recon Squadron, Mecz. He was KIA in Luxembourg on 9-17-1944. He was listed as MIA, with his body not recovered. His last brother passed away about 5 months ago, and I was able to find out that he was killed in some sort of armored vehicle. I have tried for info from NARA, but none apparently exists, perhaps due to the 1973 fire in St. Louis. I am trying to compile a WW2 family history for younger generations, and would appreciate any info on his record.

Mike Muchmore

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IN SEARCH OF: Information on the identities of those in the following pictures - 9/6/2012

I am seeking any available info on those individuals in the photos below. The pictures were taken at Chateau Martigne near Avesse/Brulon France some time between August 6 to August 8, 1944.

Jo Shipley

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IN SEARCH OF: Information on Gifhorn District, Germany - 10/27/14

I am editor of the Braunschweiger Zeitung (a daily newspaper in brunswick, germany), 42 years old, and currently working on a book about the end of the war in 1945 in Germany, especially in the district of Gifhorn. Your Division came on its way to the Elbe precisely through this area, exactly between April 10th and 12th of 1945. A few years ago I had had contact with Will Cook, secretary of your division, but now I am searching for some eyewitnesses, too. For example Mr. Karl-Heinz Heineke from cologne (he visitied the 5th) and I also helped Marc Deneen, Evansville, Wisconsin/USA, with our recherches to find out, where he was wounded on April 11th in 1945. I wrote about that in our newspaper.

Maybe now you can help me to complete my book. Do they have special memories of that district? Do you remember places like Didderse, Meine, Wedelheine, Meinersen, Isenbüttel, Calberlah, Gifhorn, Wesendorf, Wagenhoff, Westerbeck, Ehra-Lessien, Boitzenhagen, Brome, Ohrdorf, Wittingen or other nearby? Did you perhaps take any photos in this area? I would be very happy if I got a mail from you. Please write me! Thank you very much for your attention!

With kind regards
Reiner Silberstein

More informations:

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IN SEARCH OF: Information on S/Sgt Dudley Hendricks - 9/3/15

Hello! I am looking for any information that anyone may have regarding my grandfather, Dudley Hendricks.
From what information I do have, I know that he was a Staff Sergeant in Company "B" of the 707th Tank Battalion.
I was told that he commanded the Bearcat III tank. However, this is all of the info that I have.
I would love to find any information about his military time, pictures, maybe even a story or two.
I never met him and would really enjoy knowing more of the history behind my family. Thank you in advance for anyone with any information!

Please contact Brittney Taylor by
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