Say, bub. You look like a mighty smart feller to me. Why, I'll bet you got all the answers. Yessir. I'll bet you're a regular "know it all", aintcha. Well then, just take a gander at these questions and let's just see how smart you are. You can git to the answers at the bottom but peekin' is cheatin'!

The Great World War II Test


 1.  How did the Quonset hut get its name?


 2.  What was it modeled after? 


 3.  In World War II, what were replacement depots called by the GIs?


 4.  What were the three squadrons that participated in the Ploiesti raid?                                 


 5.  What was the last major U.S. warship sunk in World War II?


 6.  True or false.  The five Sullivan brothers went down with their ship.


 7.  What was the first American aircraft carrier to be sunk in World War II?


 8.  Who actually sunk her?


 9.  What do the letters for the personnel carrier DUKW stand for?


10. Where was the Russian T-34 tank designed?


11. What were the "screaming meemies?"


12. What was the first European city to be liberated in World War II, and by whom?


13. On whose grave marker is inscribed, "At This Spot the 77th Infantry Division Lost a Buddy.  [FILL IN NAME]. 18 April 1945."?


14. What was the GIs reply to the British saying, "The trouble with you Yanks is that you're overpaid, oversexed, and over here."?


15. What did the letters "WOW" stand for? 


16. What was the first U.S. all-black division formed in World War II?


17. Who was "Rosie the Riveter" named after?


18. What was the name of the first liberty ship launched?


19. What was the name of the last liberty ship launched? 


20. What company had the largest tank factory in the U.S.?


21. How many tanks were produced at this factory? 


22. Who was the first Allied soldier killed in action on D-Day?


23. Who were the first three U.S. generals to land in Normandy?


24. What was the Japanese signal to put Operational Order Number 1 into effect?        

25. What was "Axis Sally's" real name?


26. Where was she from?


27. What did the GIs call her?


28. What happened to her after the war? 


29. What breed of dog did Eisenhower get in early 1944?


30. What was its name? 


31. What was it named after?


32. How much did Eisenhower smoke?


33. What did the term "FLAK" come from?


34. What U.S. Navy submarine sank the most Japanese tonnage (100,231 tons) of any

U.S. submarine in World War II?


35. What Hollywood actor served as communications officer on the aircraft carrier

U.S.S. Lake Champlain in the closing days of the war.


36. What aircraft carrier was nicknamed "the Blue Ghost?"


37. Who coined the term "The Longest Day" for D-Day?


38. What was "Mary Q?"


39. What was the only American college to lose its entire 1940-1941 eleven-man football team

in World War II?


40. What was the first commodity to be rationed by the U.S. in World War II?


41. What was "Pink Lady?"


42. What was "Roosevelt Sausage?"



43. What slogan was made famous by Reader's Digest magazine and used in the 1942 movie

Wake Island?


44. Who did President Gerald Ford pardon on his last day in office on January 19, 1977?


45. Who is the only person ever to receive two Oscars for the same role?


46. Who invented the amphibious D.U.K.W.?


47. What did "NATO" stand for in World War II?


48. How many nations made up the Allies in World War II?


49. What was an "Accolade Certificate?"


50. What singer was voted most popular by GIs overseas during World War II?


51. What was "Admiral Q?"


52. What did U.S. Airborne troops have that no other parachute troops in the world had?


53. What was "Allied V-2?"


54. What was the "Aluminum Trail?"


55. What was the Amagiri?


56. What was known as the "Battle of Flowers?"


57. What was "Ashcan?"


58. What was Atlantico?


59. Where, and on what date, and under whose command was the U.S. Eighth Air Force activated?


60. Which U.S. Division was the first of all Allied units to set foot on German soil and to penetrate the Siegfried Line?


61. What were "Married Companies?"  (long answer)


62. Who told General George C. Marshall, "The people of China, of the Philippines, of the Dutch East Indies will be watching us.  They may excuse failure but they will not excuse abandonment."?


63. What was "L" and where was it located?


64. What was the name of the song written by Irving Berlin for the U.S. Navy Relief and introduced by Kate Smith in 1942?


65. What was the "FFI"?


66. What was a "limpet"?


67. Emperor Hirohito would often read what American magazine while in his air raid shelter in Tokyo?


68. Who was Nazi party member number 8672?


69. What was the "Magic Carpet Fleet?"


70. What cartoon character was classified 4F, unfit for military service, for faulty vision?



71. What were the four freedoms President Franklin D. Roosevelt listed in his State of the Union speech on January 6, 1941?


72. What was the name of FDR's private railroad car and how much did he pay for it?


73. What was "klim?"


74. What were the five neutral European countries during World War II?


75. What was called the "Achilles Heel" of the American defense in World War II?


76. Who was the only German woman to receive the Iron Cross First Class in World War II?


77. What two Nazi war criminals repented their crimes before their deaths?


78. What was "Washing Machine Charlie?"


Who said....?:


 1.   "Once war is forced on us, there is no alternative than to apply every available means to bring it to a swift end.  War's very object is victory---not prolonged indecision."


 2.   "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


 3.   "If we have the power, we'll never give it up again unless we're carried out of our offices as corpses."


 4.   "I have seen war....I hate war."


 5.   "I saw my enemies at Munich, and they are worms."


 6.   "Hit hard, hit fast, hit often."


 7.   "If a man starts a war, he must have the nerve to bear the consequences."


 8.   "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.  He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."


 9.   "We proved that the antidote to racism is excellence in performance."


10.   "[Roosevelt] lied us into war because he did not have the political courage to lead us into it."



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Editors Note: The Great World War II Test was provided by Joe Thompson, son of Sgt. Duane S. Thompson, Co. "A", 75th Medical Battalion.