Sgt. Romich and Pvt. Yurko

Sgt. Romich and Pvt. Yurko

Webmaster's Note: As a result of the information posted on this page, I was contacted by J.A.Gottlieb, the son-in-law of Pvt. Yurko. Below is the text of his email and a subsequent message that was received from Paul Lion who served with Pvt. Yurko and Sgt. Romich. Mr. Lion's email was the result of the story being printed in The Victory Division News, the quarterly publication of the 5th Armored Divison.

March 11, 2001:

"In searching your site for the above I found my Father in law's name Andy Yurko mentioned as he was seriously wounded in the Hurtgen Forest on Dec 10th 1944. It described his unfortunate experience as he described it to me. A tree weakened by tree bursts from probably German 88 mm's caused it to fall and crush his spine which resulted in his being partially pralyzed the remainder of his life. He passed away at the Long Beach CA. VA Hospital on May 11, 1984. His injury did not prevent him from getting married on his return to the U.S. and having two daughters, the youngest of which I married. I spent time with the 7th Army of Occupation in Germany and so have some service background and a feeling for WW 2 history. I was a medic with the 120th Station Hospital and we were responsible for taking care of the 2nd A.D. stationed in Baumholder. I wonder if I could get some info on the other soldier wounded with Andy - a Sergeant Romich who is also mentioned. Any info or leads would be much appreciated. Needless to say I was quite amazed to find Andy's name on the site since he was only a private tho' there was a reference to the period in the book "A Dark and Bloody Ground" by Edward Miller."



July 18, 2001:

"I just read in the Division News a request for information about Sgt. Romich, who belonged to Platoon I&R. Sgt Romich was my platoon commander and Yurko was a gunman in my jeep. The evening of the drama, I was sleeping in the large tent too. A line of 5 men slept on the left side. I was the first in my line, at the foot of the tree, what probably saved my life, because during his fall, the tree veered a little.

The second of the line was Cpl. Smith, 20 years old, was killed, head squashed. The third was Pvt. Schmidt, 19 years old, was killed, the chest crushed. The fourth was Sgt Romich, 24 years old, he was alive with crushed pelvis. the fifth was Yurko, 22 years, alive too, with legs seriously injured. That is the report of this tragedy.

Sgt Romich was highly esteemed in the section and everybody liked him very much because he took care very well of us and he was very competent.

As to Yurko, 22 year, he was alive with serious legs wounds. We were good friends, we were the same age.

That is all, dear Will. I don't know the address of Mr. Gottllieb. Maybe you can get in touch with him and say him that I will answer all questions if he should like to ask of me.

Paul Lion
"Aux Quatres Anges"
20 rue Tatonville
4557 Soheit. Tinlot