The Landing Craft Tank (LCT) was originally designed as a tank transport landing craft with a bow at each end. The American Bureau of Ships, however, designed the LCT (first dubbed the Mk5) with a single bow ramp. Later, with the advent of the Mk6, the design did incorporate a bow at each end as well as the ability to be transported on LSTs.

The LCT was capable of carrying 3-4 tanks depending on the type of tank. Of course, landing tanks was not the LCT's only role. It has served in a variety of functions including the transport of men and material from ship to shore. They were also outfitted with naval guns or rockets, used as minesweepers and garbage scows. The LCT Mk6 was redesignated the Utility Landing Ship (LSU) in 1949 and again to the Landing Craft Utility (LCU) in 1956. The LCU is still in use today.