"The middle of December saw the company engaged in the Battle of the Bulge. The battalion was detached from the 5th Armored Division and moved south to meet the armored spearheads of General Von Rundstedt's speedy offensive. On December 24th, the company was attached to the 83rd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron and occupied defensive positions around Grandmeniel. The determined enemy armor and infantry attack began at midnight Christmas Eve. This unit, after hours of desperate fighting, was forced to evacuate the town and occupied high ground overlooking the city. During this battle, Sgt. Moser's Tank Destroyer knocked out two enemy Panther tanks at 30 yards in almost total darkness, but Cpl. Patrick P. Pennetti, T/5 Grizzle and Pvt. Kent were wounded when their own TD received a direct hit and burned. For this exploit, Sgt. Moser received the Silver Star and Cpl. Pennetti the Bronze Star Medal."

Pictured above is Sgt. Moser's TD at the Grandmeniel Cross Roads. It is located in the background between the two destroyed tanks and directly beyond the soldier in the picture.

The picture is courtesy of Eddy Monfort. Eddy is a resident of Belgium and lives a few kilometers from the Grandmeniel Cross Roads in the Ardennes. Picture provided 4/2/2002.