Foxholes of Ardennes

The Foxholes of the Ardennes

The pictures above were graciously provided by Ivan Steenkiste.
While they show the foxholes dug by the men of "E" Company,
506 P.I.R., they represent foxholes dug by all the men,
including the 628th Tank Battalion, that participated in the Bulge.

In an email to me, dated 30 January, 2006, Mr. Steenkiste describes the area as it is today.

" These foxholes are still there, 60 years after the battle, but now, they are hidden in deep, almost dark woods, and it is now very quiet over there --- one only hears the sound of little birds when they jump from one branch of the trees to the other. Next to the birds is the whistle of the wind through the branches, which now and then brake the absolute silence. It is so "abnormally quiet" when one considers what has been going on here in Winter 1944..."

For more information on the Bastogne/Chaumont area, please visit Mr. Steenkistes' web site by Clicking Here