The history of the 85th Cavalry Reconnaisance Squad was documented in a hand drawn booklet that is 71 pages long. In order to make that document available, it was converted into a PowerPoint Slide presentation. It is an excellent representation of the original, however, this is a very large file (71 slides). Since Microsoft has never released an update to allow office products to be viewed by any other browser than Internet Explorer, you will need to use IE (or Firefox with the optional ieTab) and a high speed internet connection to view the presentation. Even then, the slides can be a bit slow in loading so please be patient.

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You can download the Powerpoint File by Clicking Here

My sincere thanks to Will Cook and Greg Smith (grandson of H.C. Smith: Troop A, 85th Cavalry Recon. Sq. Mecz.) for their invaluable help in making this document available.