Pictures of the 10th Armored Battalion

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Pictures of Sgt. Appelhans A picture of Capt. Seigler Pictures of T-4 Hoyer Benson and unknown person Benson Bernie Sax and Walter Sptizer C-47 Bob Hope's party came in on Chow time in France Another picture of chow time in France Deikirch, Luxembourg Getting a V haircut Getting milk in France GIs on a bicycle built for two Half-track in snow Half-track Hauling been in Diekirch, Luxembourg Jeep in France Jeep Leaving England for France M-4 crew getting cider in France M-4 crew gragging a locomotive Another picture of an M-4 crew dragging a locomotive P-38 P-51s on ramp Parts and tools trucks in snow Supply truck in France Walter Spitzer under wing of C-47 Winter of 1944