Pictures of the 5th Armored Division

Unless otherwise noted, pictures and titles are from the book:

Paths of Armor. The Fifth Armored Division in World War II

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Rhine to the Elbe

Wesel On the Rhine Enemy Fire Huls Dortmund - Ems Canal Cpl. Camdorn Enemy in the Air Herford Liberated French PWs Nazi Officer Enemy cut off Bad Osynahausen German half-track factory Near Hamelin Deeper into Germany 105 Self Propelled PWs PWs T/5 Dimmett Peine Surrenders P-47 T/5 Boyer In the Open Observer shot down Sack Time DP's McDonald and Gresham T/5 Brooke CCA Near the Elbe Our Truck Near Wittenmoore, Germany A Tiger PWs near Elbe Booby Trapped Door CCR Commanders GI Non-Issue Liberated American PWs V-1 Factory Buzz Bomb Decicco and Dringard Everything Surrenders ME 262 F.W. 190 Oliver, Cole, Gillam Secretary or War Patterson Russians on the Elbe Top Brass Div. G-3 Staff Groham and Pool Columns Converge Grave of Grossman