Pictures of the 5th Armored Division

Unless otherwise noted, pictures and titles are from the book:

Paths of Armor. The Fifth Armored Division in World War II

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Hurtgen Forest and the Bulge

Pretty Trees Hidden Block House Blown Tank Snow Fall Artillery Looks Pretty Covered Fox Hole Always Wet German Tank Letter Home Chow Washing Div. HQ. Sorobowski & Jones Teller Mine Xmas Package Cimo & Shanan Fire Direction CCB Hq. Switchboard Fresh Meat Nethery & Hood Xmas Presents Snow then Mud Sgt. Moore Lt. Willitz Maj. Phillipsborn TD Lester & Bonam TD Near Grosshau Mine Exploder 81 mm. Mortar German Tank Recovering a Tank Flooded Roer Valley Eisenhower G Guys Fine Weather Phones Clearing Road Medics Near Gey Brandenburg Cpl. Swigerti Louis Filas Truck Engines Cpl. Foreste T/5 Gresham 34 Tank T/5 Schul T/3 Horvath T/5 Behm Pfc. Archer T/5 Byers T/5 Thompson Downed Lines Seigfried Line Rotgen, Germany T/5 Taylor Pepinster During the Bulge Monschau RR Bridge German Mark V German 75 mm POWs Snow Painted Tanks Battle Field Commission