Names on back of photo are Bundy, Cormier, Znoj
Photo courtesy of Chris Webber, Son of T5 George Webber, 75th Med., "B" Co.

Private Stephen Znoj, 31086166, for gallantry in action in Germany on 21 September 1944. Private Znoj and two other aid men on being informed that two wounded men were in a burning building in a town that our forces had evacuated, without regard for their own safety, drove an ambulance into the town in the face of enemy machine gun and small arms fire, located and gave first aid to the wounded men and evacuated them in the ambulance to a medical clearing station. The action of Private Znoj is worthy of the highest traditions of the military service. Award: Silver Star Medal. Auth: GO 23, Hq, 5th Armd Div, 1944.