Pictures of the 5th Armored Division

Unless otherwise noted, pictures and titles are from the book:

Paths of Armor. The Fifth Armored Division in World War II

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Normandy to the Seine

As soon as the tide goes out Normandy via LST An unsuccessful strafing mission One less Henie tank Countances Keep Rolling An Even Swap Countenance wasn't cheap Bomb craters were everywhere Mademoiselle fives thanks and flowers Don't stop - go on Avranches streets These Germans stayed in France Hay stacks affored little protection to the Hun The Air Corp beat us to this target A Thunder-Bolt works 'em over 1st Large City Liberated Near Le Mans Le Mans Patton at Sees, France Prisoners Trapped an entire column Hitler's Jugend Chas. Sotka Two DSC's Falaise Map Tiger Defender 81st at Dreux Div HQ at Dreux Capt. Craft and Free French FFI and Capt Fargon FFI capture Germans 28th near Seine 628th at Dreux St. Germain Cigarette pour papa St. Gemain crowd Foss, Schmandt, Cook, Cohen Paris! Gen. Oliver Tiger Tank Compiegne Forrest Oise River