Pictures of the 46th Armored Infantry Battalion

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46AIB 'A' Co. Group Photo

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B Company, 4th Platoon at Fort Knox in June of 1942, before the move west to Camp Cooke. Mojave Desert, Summer of '42. T/5 Brown, Kassel, Tague, Lambert, Pierce, Beard A break during training in the Mojave. George Lambert kneeling in front row at far right of viewer HQ Fith Armored Division at Camp Cooke A friendly game of cards. Mojave desert. Summer of '42
Private Beard, Mojave Desert Retreat at Ft. Knox. July, 1942 Fort Knox. Some vehicles were customized with optional equipment.... The train ride west through Colorado.  July, 1942 Arrival at Camp Cooke, Sunday Aug. 9,1942.  The first day En route to Camp Cooke.  Bridge across Royal Gorge, Colorado Valentine's Day party. 22nd Engineers. Feb. 14, 1943 Pvt. George Lambert. Officers' Club bar. Camp Cooke. Feb. 1943 Floyed, Blackie & Jay. Camp Cooke. Feb. 1943 U.S.O. Club in Santa Maria, Calif. Mojave Desert. Supper at sundown A desert meal.  From left: T/5 Brown, Tague, Lambert, Kassel, Cpl. On maneuvers in Tennessee.  May, 1943 Shot-up German vehicles Shot-up German Vehicles Seated: Lt. Charles D. Lemons.
Standing Left to Right: Lt. JR, Lt. William Capt. Claude E. Cason Chief scouts German beer kegs Chief out fishing Fishing with grenades PFC Reda gathering fish Disembarking at the docks in Leverpool. Feb 44 Seeing the coast of England after 2 weeks in the Atlantic. Feb 44 Breakfast on the train ride to camp. Feb. 44 Same breakfast, different angle. Feb. 44 Bomb Damage Liverpool Harbor. Feb. 44 Capt. 'Buzz' Scottie Capt. 'Buzz' Scottie Bazooka training Checking accuracy Enlisted quarters Officer's quarters

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