The city of Cherbourg, France fell to VII Corps on 27 June, 1944. This deep water port was vital to the Allied effort
to secure material in place of the Mulberry Harbors that had been constructed at Arrowmanches and Omaha Beach. A severe
storm around 19 June effectively destroyed the harbour at Omaha Beach. The remaining harbor handled about 9000 tons of
material per day until the end of August 1994. By then, the ports of Cherbourg and Antwerp had been captured by the Allies
and were beginning to return to service.

On 29 June, 1944, the 387th Anti Aircraft Battalion moved to Cherbourg where it defended the port until it joined
the 5th Armored.

Below is a short newsreel documenting the capture of the city. Click on the link below and allow a few minutes for the movie
to load.
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