It had been two very long weeks amid rough seas but the coast of England was on the horizon. You finally got to set a foot on solid ground in Liverpool where Red Cross girls were waiting with doughnuts and coffee before you borded those small English railway cars for Heaven knew where. A new chapter was being added to your training and it was to include KP, more training, living on the Salisbury Plains, and even a few passes to places like London, Bath and Oxford. The next few months would place the 5th Armored responsible for sausage camps where "KP in England" became a common phrase. "This is a slug in the jaw to our combat training," General Oliver told you as he explained this new assignment. But he added that it was a necessary job and that the Fifth Armored would do it well. Indeed you did.

Ah, the stuff of memories. BBC Radio wants to record your memories of Great Britain. They are looking for veterans willing to share their personal experiences. What was life like? How did you get along with British troops and civilians? What were your impressions? They want it all. In the end, they hope to provide for their listeners an appreciation for the arrival of millions of brave American servicemen and the impact it had on British life.

If you are interested in sharing your memories about your service experiences in England then let us know and we'll be happy to put you in contact the the BBC. You can Email Us and we'll make the arrangements for them to contact you.