The R.M.S. Aquatania

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John Maxtone-Graham in "Liners to the Sun," recounts a funny story about Aquitania's first WWII crossing back to England. By the time WWII rolled around, Aquitania remained the sole four-funnel ship in the world.

An old destroyer from the reserves came out to meet her and signaled with an Aldis lamp..."FOUR FUNNEL SHIP PLEASE INDICATE. (Captain) George Gibbon's remark when told the signal was classic: "We are the only ***** four-funnel ship in the world and that so-and-so wants our name. Tell him to read 'The News of the World.'

The next signal was DO YOU REQUIRE AN ESCORT, (our) reply CAN YOU KEEP UP.

The final signal as we drew away, still at full speed: YOUR FINE SPEED REQUIRES LITTLE PROTECTION."

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